Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Scenes from traffic - bicycle transports !

the things I see in traffic still amazes me
even after all this time
ever day I see guys struggling with huge, heavy loads
I have not yet seen any woman doing it !




to the dry cleaners...

pick ups.....

really heavy ...sometimes I'm surprised that the bikes holds up.....

extremely long transports...imagine what happens when they ride the bike around the corner or out into the crossing and stops !!

extremely high did hit the trees and I thought it was going to fall...
it was a close encounter I tell you

jee ! that was a lot ghee(ghi) ......tons of empty tins......
ghee is clarified butter used for cooking, traditional medicine and religious rituals
I see so many of these every day....

best thing about the bicycles in traffic ?
they can't honk !!

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