Friday, October 30, 2015

Let's go snorkelling and I'll show you

some of the fishes, coral or oysters you might find just below the surface in the Maldives 
you don't actually have to be a scuba diver to see plenty 
just lay still and some of the fishes will come to you
but be aware there are some you don't want to come to close !
a little warning...
many pictures ! 

amazing nursery 

oysters...don't put your fingers in when it opens up !

corals in blue, purple, yellow.....

an anemone....try and say that fast a couple of times
haha, I sound like Nemo in the movie

different kinds of unicorn fishes

 schools of snappers just hanging around

yellow saddled goatfish

Doris from Nemo is a powder blue surgeon fish

an orange spined unicornfish

a lined surgeonfish

really curious needle fishes
they swim up to you to have a close look

black sided hawkfishes

23 species of parrot fish can be found here

humpback unicorn

if any fish family is symbolic of the coral reef it's the Butterfly fishes 
this one is a double saddled butterfly fish

oval butterfly fish

of course you can find Nemo here...
Clark's Anemonefish

this species of Nemo is the Maldivian Anemonefish

so protective

parrot fishes....

 a chevron butterfly fish and a moorish idol (also in Nemo the movie)

orange-striped triggerfish

a fivestriped wrasse

a dashdot goatfish with a companion...a blue striped sabre tooth blenny

a surge damselfish

a Yellowhead Butterflyfish

black gregory defending his nest in the coral

a splendid soldierfish

a blackspotted pufferfish

a Guineafowl Pufferfish

a nursery with humbug dascfylius's

yellowmargin lyre tail grouper

Picasso Triggerfish
triggerfishes have a special mechanism in their dorsal fin
very aggressive when nesting

Titan triggerfish (60cm) are so powerful and defend their nests with such vigour that they are often considered to be the most dangerous fish in the Maldives.
they actually have human looking teeth

convict surgeonfish

I actually got bitten by this one...
I was swimming by and it defended it's territory 
Mr M was laughing so hard
here we are swimming with sharks and other huge species and
then I'm attacked by a 10cm triggerfish that bit through my skin so it started to bleed !
I didn't find it quite as amusing as Mr M did...
I still have a little scar.....

Hope you enjoyed our little swim

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